Experienced Safety Professionals

We have the most equipped personnel for hire! Includes:

Emergency Management

Emergency Services Officers (Medical)

There’s a reason that ARG personnel are requested to stay onsite on a permanent basis. ARG offers your site a wide variety of qualified and experienced Emergency Service Officers. We can support your operational requirements such as green fields development, exploration, established mines, offshore oil and gas and much more. This includes short term and fixed contracts, annual and lick leave coverage requests. Our team vet all of our  ESO’s to ensure that we only provide quality personnel to support your needs. Let ARG solve your recruitment puzzle.

Helping People

Paramedics & Nurses

When it comes to the physical health and safety of your workforce we refuse to compromise on quality. Our AHPRA registered Nurses, Paramedics and experienced medical personnel are sourced not only for their experience and track record but are also for their adaptability and humility.

When it comes to supporting your medical, return to work, exploration pre employment health screens our high quality personnel have you covered.


Specialist Emergency Coordinators

When a crisis strikes our plans need to work! This is why we only provide you with Emergency Response Coordinators with a minimum of 10 years experience and only those who have experienced and lived through a crisis, critical events and those who know their profession inside and out. Further to this; We demand that our team have the functional ability to adapt to your operational needs and compliance standards in order to contextualise and apply the correct management systems demanded throughout your organisation.

Keeping Others Safe

Safety Advisors

There’s Safety Advisors and then there’s Safety Professionals. Within mining, the role of a safety advisor is to immerse themselves into the proper process of your organisational needs. Our people know their stuff to ensure that when we offer a Safety Advisor you can trust that you’re going to get a professional who’s as experienced as they are helpful. This leaves the legacy of improved safety systems that can be taken up by anyone to keep them safe in the challenging environments we work in – so we can all go home to our families.

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