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Australasian Response Group

Australasian Response Group is the overarching company in a group that includes our partnering companies, RPAS services on which successful risk, safety and emergency management principles have been developed. ARG delivers concise and collective Emergency Management and Safety services to the Mining, Oil and Gas and Aviation industries. ARG’s protocols have been developed in line with industry regulations, Acts and standards to deliver a cost effective risk- based approach to Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

Concise emergency and workplace training ensures closed loop strategies and understanding of emergency management and compliance functions. In addition, capable supply of critical response equipment ensures ARG has the ability to custom fit our services to client needs and regulator requirements.


The key to prevention is understanding the risk to processes, the project and personnel and devising mitigation actions in advance.


Often linked with compliance and also known as Planning. Sound and effective emergency management planning is based on the risks identified during prevention assessments.


The immediate ability for site personnel and management to assist and intervene during and immediately following an emergency. The primary focus on response is to save lives and protect assets


Return to normalised operations. Business continuity forms a large part of the PPRR process and focus of recovery is to return the project and its people to a state of operability following a crisis.

our mission

Our Vision

To assist our clients in identifying their responsibilities in preventing, preparing, responding to, and recovering from safety related incidents by offering a critical cost effective risk- based approach to their specific project systems, processes, equipment, training and regulatory requirements.