About Us


Australasian Response Group

Australasian Response Group (ARG) serves as part of a group of companies, including our esteemed partners. We specialise in delivering tailored Emergency Management and Safety solutions to the Mining, Oil and Gas, and Aviation sectors. Our methodologies prioritise cost-effectiveness and risk mitigation throughout all phases of emergencies, encompassing Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.

Our approach extends beyond just compliance; we emphasise comprehensive training programs to ensure an understanding of emergency management principles and regulatory requirements. We maintain a versatile inventory of critical response equipment, enabling ARG to adapt our services precisely to client specifications and regulatory standards. By providing end-to-end solutions encompassing training and equipment provision, we empower our clients to effectively navigate emergency situations.

At ARG, our unwavering commitment to safety and preparedness underpins all our endeavors. We continuously strive for excellence and innovation, dedicated to supporting organisations in enhancing their emergency management capabilities and ensuring operational resilience. Whether it’s in the mines, on an oil rig, or in the air, we’re here to make sure everyone stays safe and things run smoothly.


Training and Assessment delivered under the auspices and in partnership arrangement on behalf of Health Security & Education Pty Ltd,  RTO 40907.

person with helmet and harness on. their back is to the camera and they are about to climb a rope

The key to prevention is understanding the risk to processes, the project, and the personnel and devising mitigation actions in advance.


Often linked with compliance and also known as Planning, sound and effective emergency management planning is based on the risks identified during prevention assessments.


The immediate ability for site personnel and management to assist and intervene during and immediately following an emergency. The primary focus of response is to save lives and protect assets.


The return to normalised operations. Business continuity forms a large part of the PPRR process, and focus of recovery is to return the project and its people to a state of operability following a crisis.

Our Vision

To empower clients in addressing safety concerns comprehensively: Prevention, Preparation, Response, Recovery. We achieve this by providing cost-effective, risk-based solutions tailored to their specific project requirements, encompassing systems, processes, equipment, training, and regulatory compliance.