MRT – Underground Rescue Operations

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MRT – Underground Rescue Operations

MRT – Underground Rescue Operations

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ARG’s Underground Rescue Operations (UGROPS) course is the foundation of our training syllabus. Implemented by underground engineers, rescue operators and geotechnical experts, these specialists have designed a course to maximise the understanding of realistic hazards associated with the underground incident environment. This places our UGROPS course at the forefront of underground rescue operations regularly approved and agreed upon by site engineering teams.

Consideration of mine ventilation systems and the clearing of contaminated atmospheres is a core element of this course.

Students gain knowledge in underground firefighting techniques proven in real world applications to ensure the safety of trapped and injured personnel. An unprecedented approach to dirty vs clean air and operational procedures surrounding reconnaissance teams and travelling light and fast in a mining environment to establish control measures, makes ARG’s UGROPS course outstanding.

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