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MRT – Heavy Rescue

MRT – Heavy Rescue

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Continue on the next phase of your training journey with ARG’s Heavy Rescue course, designed to complement their successful completion of our MRT – Initial Response course. This specialised program equips your MRT with essential knowledge of HAZMAT response protocols and effective strategies for heavy and light vehicle incident management. By integrating techniques for mining machinery and light vehicles, this course ensures your MRT is equipped to handle multiple vehicle incidents, regardless of site remoteness or proximity to public travel ways. The blending of these competencies provides a comprehensive understanding of site logistics risks, hazardous materials delivery, and effective response protocols. Leveraging cutting-edge technology from Europe and guidance from international experts, ARG delivers training at the forefront of modern rescue techniques.


Training and Assessment delivered under the auspices and in partnership arrangement on behalf of Health Security & Education Pty Ltd,  RTO 40907.

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