MRT – Heavy Rescue

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MRT – Heavy Rescue

MRT – Heavy Rescue

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ARGs Heavy Rescue course ideally follows your MRTs successful completion of ARGs MRT – Initial Response course and is designed to give your MRT underpinning knowledge of HAZMAT response first strike action processes and effective Response to heavy and light vehicle incidents. By blending applications for mining machinery and light vehicles this course ensures your MRT has the understanding and ability to combat multiple vehicle incidents no matter the remoteness of your site or its proximity to public travel ways and interaction risks.

The typical reason for blending these two major competencies is to ensure an in-depth knowledge of the risks associated with site logistics, deliveries of hazardous materials to site and effective response to those vehicles should an incident arise.

ARG utilises leading technology from Europe and is supported directly as a training provider by international experts at the forefront of modern rescue techniques.

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