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MRT – Initial Response

MRT – Initial Response

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MRT Initial Response course is designed to give your team the basic requirements to effectively respond to worksite incidents associated with firefighting, including structure fire, heavy machinery fire and mill deck firefighting operations.

Outcomes are derived from industry practices relating to critical equipment care, MRT station obligations and the ability to act as a team member of a skill response organisation. Going the capability of responding to actual events and introduces MRT members to their accountability in maintaining an effective and functioning MRT unit.

The course is structured to introduce your MRT members to initial safe response to workplace incidents and how to effectively manage their ability to work towards successful response outcomes.

Basic firemanship processes underpin advanced knowledge of firefighting practices across a range of industrial risk settings. The structure of this course allows the MRT student to conceptualise their responsibility in relation to industrial station responsibilities and firefighting practices.

Each day of course delivery will consider site risks, appropriate response tactics to those risks and maintain achievable immediate outcomes.

The course will begin with prerequisites required not only for this particular course, but the complete RII30719 – Certificate III in Emergency Response and Rescue.

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