Leadership and Mentorship


Leadership and Mentorship

ARG provides comprehensive leadership and mentorship coaching, incorporating human factor sciences to enhance emergency response awareness and capabilities. Our unique program treats emergency responders like elite athletes, fostering a resilient mindset focused on teamwork rather than self. Designed by industry experts, the program covers a range of contemporary insights to rapidly advance skills.

Our diverse team of instructors, guides, and mentors brings expertise from defense, special operations, emergency management, sports coaching, and mental health backgrounds, supported by university qualifications. With a minimum of ten years of industry experience, our instructors ensure exceptional quality and uphold high standards, setting our program apart from conventional offerings in the market.

It is tailored for mining and heavy industrial personnel, including Emergency Response Team members (ERT), Emergency Service Officers (ESOs), Medical Emergency Service Officers (MESOs), Incident Management Team members (IMT), Emergency Managers, and Health Safety & Environmental Managers / Superintendents (HSE).

  • Timeframe: 5 days (40 hours)
  • Cost: POA
  • Minimum Students: 5
  • Maximum Students: 10
  • Instructor to student ratio: 1:3
  • Pre-Course Study: Nil
  • After Hours Study: Yes (approximately 1-2 hours most days)

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