Emergency Response Personnel

Experienced Safety Professionals

Explore our team of expert emergency response personnel available for hire! Discover their specialised skills and readiness to handle any crisis.

Emergency Management

Emergency Services Officers (Medical)

ARG emergency response personnel are highly sought after for onsite permanent positions for a reason. We offer a diverse team of qualified Emergency Service Officers (ESOs) experienced in various operational environments, including green fields development, exploration, established mines, offshore oil and gas, and more. Whether you need short-term contracts, fixed terms, or coverage for annual and sick leave, our vetted ESOs ensure quality support tailored to your needs. Let ARG handle your recruitment needs efficiently.

Emergency services officer in PPE mask and gloves at training
photo of medical personnel taking someone's pulse

Helping People

Paramedics & Nurses

At ARG, we prioritize the physical health and safety of your workforce without compromise. Our team includes AHPRA registered Nurses, Paramedics, and skilled medical personnel selected for their experience, track record, adaptability, and humility. From medical support to return-to-work programs and pre-employment health screenings, our high-quality personnel ensure comprehensive coverage for your needs.


Specialist Emergency Coordinators

When a crisis hits, our plans must deliver! That’s why we exclusively offer Emergency Response Coordinators with a minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience, ensuring they’ve navigated crises and critical events firsthand. At ARG, our team is able to adapt to your operational needs and compliance standards, ensuring seamless integration of the correct management systems tailored to your organisation.

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Keeping Others Safe

Safety Advisors

There are Safety Advisors, and then there are Safety Professionals. At ARG, our Safety Advisors go beyond mere immersion in organisational processes; they bring extensive experience and expertise to the table. With our team, you can trust that you’re getting seasoned professionals dedicated to enhancing safety systems, ensuring everyone returns home safely to their families from the challenging environments we operate in.

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