In partnership with Health, Security and Education (RTO 40907) and RAM Training Services (RTO 31701), ARG provides nationally accredited training and non-accredited courses in line with ASQAs legal requirements and best industry practices.


We pride ourselves on high quality standards from the ground up. ARG aim to provide our students and clients the best possible experience so that lifesaving skills may be retained and used when needed the most.


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Where We Are

Conveniently located in the heart of the Cockburn Central Industrial Precinct. We have public transport to the door and are bordered by the Mitchell Freeway and North Lake Road. This empowers our clients to choose site based and/or Perth based training.

Our immersive facility is regularly referred to as “The Gen” and holds the true heart and soul of our director, management team and training methodology.

Keep an eye out for our NSW Operations base, as we build through 2024.


We do Things Differently

Site Specific

We don’t offer out of the box training because your inherent risks demand more.  ARG contextualises our clients’ emergency management systems to shape our training and solutions to each operation.


It’s all about you. The privilege to engage through our shared passion for emergency management and saving lives means we strive to give you the best quality solutions. We achieve this through 24/7 off site support and ongoing maintenance.


Nothing is static. This means that ARG refuses to rest on our laurels. We constantly research, adjust and implement our innovative solutions to capture our goal of a better industry.

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  • Active member of an MRT or ERT
  • HLTAID011- Provide First Aid (or can be completed by arrangement with ARG)
  • Ability to read and interpret calculations, measurements and analog gauges
  • Understand and comply with workplace instructions
  • Be physically fit and able to work in confined spaces, heated environments, at height or depth, maintain excellent manual handling procedures and maintain safety during mentally challenging activities
  • Display an underpinning fitness level
  • Read and interpret the English language
  • Have the ability to act as a team member and continuously strive for safety in a high risk setting
  • Identify and assess risks, report hazards and clearly understand the JHA workflow process
  • Climb ladders and stairs under load
  • Provide USI and Drivers Licence or proof of identity card
  • Be clean shaven as per AS 1715

ARG typically run face to face hands on learning methods. Regularly included practical scenarios which include full team positions, and an element of emergency management protocols ensures our trainees are well equipped for the incident front on completion of their program.

Requirements may vary depending on the course program our clients choose. Many courses are between 4 and 8 days.

Fire fighting

Rope Access Rescue

HAZMAT Operations

Underground Rescue Operations

Confined Space Rescue

Vehicle Accident Rescue

First Aid

Medical Specialist Skill Sets

Risk Assessment

All courses are certified unless otherwise stated. Many of our rescue courses are to the national Australian ASQA standard and Unit of Competency framework.

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